In Olive Branch you’ll find ceramic tile in all the different shapes, sizes, colors and textures for your home at the best price. We serve Memphis and the surrounding area. Plus our installation craftsmen will do an outstanding job for you. Glazed ceramic flooring tiles (Porcelain) have a protective layer that rests over the material, making them impervious to water and stain penetration. They are also naturally resistant to the ravages of high humidity conditions. These properties make them ideal for use in moist environments such as bathrooms or kitchens. Unglazed ceramic tiles will need to be sealed in order to protect their surface from liquids.

The grout lines in between ceramic tiles are susceptible to moisture, and need to be sealed to make them impervious to water which can otherwise seep down, weakening the installation and causing mold growth. Ceramic flooring is extremely tough and tiles are difficult to crack. A quality installation from the Floor Store Desoto can last 10 – 20 years and longer if well maintained. If a tile does crack due to a severe impact, replacing that tile is relatively simple. Ceramic flooring is fairly easy to care for. Dirt, stains, and liquids rest on the surface, allowing you to easily wipe or mop them away. Regular maintenance just consists of sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to keep the floor free of dirt and loose debris. If set in stains do occur you can use most heavy duty cleaners without having to worry about damaging the material.

Custom Shower Design

The Floor Store Desoto can give your bathroom a fresh new shower created with beautiful tiles with decorative touches that will thrill you. From the start we will meet with you and work out your new shower based on our discussion with you so we can create exactly what you want. Choose from a huge selection of designer tiles. Use a variety of sizes to make a beautiful design. Meet with us now and let’s make this happen for you. We are Installation tile Experts. Some customers have called it artistry. We agree!