The Floor Store Desoto in Olive Branch has laminate flooring to suit every need. We serve Olive Branch and the surrounding areas. Laminate flooring does one thing really well: it imitates wood flooring. Developed decades ago, laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternative to real wood. Today’s laminate flooring manufacturers provide even better quality and dozens of types of wood species.

Find any style you want. We provide American icons like oak, hickory and heartwood pine. We also carry exotics such as tigerwood and prado. There are rustic and antiqued versions, too. These make your floor look as if it’s been there for centuries. Many manufacturers offer an increasingly varied portfolio of stone, tile and metal look-alikes. The photographic process used to create the design layer of laminate flooring makes this possible. This is a high-resolution image of actual wood that is vividly realistic. The image is printed and glued to a core of fiberboard backed by a bottom layer. This bottom layer is treated to prevent moisture damage. Covered by a tough, clear top wear layer, it resists scratches and dings.